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I Love Shrewsbury Project

Recently I have been involved with a local project called the ‘I Love Shrewsbury Project’. The brief was to focus on someone who made a valuable contribution to the community. I really enjoyed doing this little project as I explored […]

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More Portraiture

I am currently doing a project for college called The Everyday and the Extraordinary and I decided to explore portraiture more. However, I didn’t want to just do some head shots, so I tried to play around with different colour […]

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Snow Day

Here in England we had a week of fun in the snow which is quite rare, and I managed to do a night photo shoot during this brief miracle. 

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This was a small project on experimenting with studio portraiture. In which I look inspiration from Irving Penn, who has photographed people of the likes of Johnny Depp, Robin Williams, Philip Seymour Hoffman and many more. Model Credit: Heather Mager, […]

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Series of photographs of people using public buses with a twist.

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Tell Me a Story

A project exploring “Non-real” photography, I chose to explore the subject of Mental Health and the following images are a representation of what it is like living with a mental illness.

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