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I wasn’t going to post about the Coronavirus as it is all over the news and on all social media. I wanted my posts to be different and an escape from it all. However, during one of our mandated hour […]

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Cat Cafe (Liverpool)

When visiting friends at university (before the world pandemic) we decided to explore Liverpool city centre and had booked a slot at the cat cafe. As a cat owner and lover this was heaven for me, having a nice coffee […]

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The River Severn

A few weeks ago we had extremely heavy rain which resulted in heavy flooding. I went for a walk with my parents to see just how much it had flooded, it ended up with me playing with a low shutter […]

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Another Snowy Day

We’ve had a little bit of snow, which is rare for this country. I managed to snap a few shots before it all melted. Id love to do some more macro shots of snow, however I am limited with my […]

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A Very Foggy Day

Now that it is winter, we are bound to have bad weather. This can either help or hinder us photographers, in my case this foggy day was a bit of both. In my current project I am exploring surrealism within […]

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Snow Day

Here in England we had a week of fun in the snow which is quite rare, and I managed to do a night photo shoot during this brief miracle. 

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Series of photographs of people using public buses with a twist.

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