My name is Olivia Shepherd, an amateur photographer aspiring to pursue a professional career some day. Please feel free to look around my site.

I used to shoot with a Canon EOS 1000D and sometimes a 1100D, but I have recently upgraded to a Canon 77D. I am based in Shropshire and Gloucestershire.

I am a 21-year-old who developed the love for photography when I received my first point and shoot for my 10th birthday. I’ve always loved how you can capture so many emotions and meanings in one photo. I studied photography in college but most of my knowledge was self-taught, especially when I got my first DSLR at 13, I just shot in auto for a while, but I then started to play around with the settings until the photo looked good, which is also what I do now but just with more of an educated guess of how it will look. I do photography mainly as a hobby, but I would love to pursue it professionally. As you can see on my profile, I mainly focus on landscape and architecture photography, with a little dabble in portraiture. However, at the moment my passion is urban exploration, I love to be able to tell the buildings story after humans have deemed it no longer useful. My ultimate dream would be to work for a magazine like National Geographic or have my own business.