Llyn Clywedog is a man made reservoir situated in mid wales and was is formed by the Clywedog dam. The dam was built in 1965 and took 2 years to build. The damn regulates the flow of the river Severn as protection against flooding during the winter months and to ensure minimum flow during the summer.

The lake has a surface area of 615 acres (230 football pitches), is 216 ft deep at its maximum depth and stretches in all a distance of some six miles.‘ The is home a variety of wildlife including buzzards and red kites as well as to the Clywedog Sailing Club and the Llanidloes Angling Society. The lake is also surrounded by beautiful walks, not just around the lake but the surrounding hills that tower over it.

I have a personal connection to this lake as I have spent many summers on it with my partner canoeing or helping the sailing club during annual functions or racing days. I’ve always loved getting away and spending a few hours here, I especially loved the fact that it has no phone reception so I can fully get away from everything. Unfortunately, during recent years I haven’t been able to visit as much as I used too, but it was so lovely to come back and reminisce about the fond memories I have here. I think my favourite part of this lake is the patch of missing grass on one of the surrounding hills that is shaped like a brachiosaurus.