Another from the archives, this is from a holiday to Cornwall in 2013. I was very much finding my feet with photography, most of these images from the holiday were so burry, but I managed to fish out the semi-decent ones, Unfortunately, I had no idea what raw was so editing these in jpeg made things a lot more challenging than what I’m used too, but I am always up for a challenge!

Cornwall is always going to be one of my favourite places, it became a yearly family trip during my teens. We explored Bodmin which is where the Light Infantry colours are held. This is something that is close to home as my dad served in the LI for 25 years, so of course every-time we came to Cornwall we had to visit them. We also loved to visit the tiny town of St Ives and Port Issac which is where Doc Brown was filmed, as some of you may recognise the cliffside houses. I will always remember the one year we cycled from Bodmin to Padstow and back again, which if you didn’t know is a 26 mile round trip and safe to say that I was sore for the many days to come.

Unfortunately due to life just getting in the way and the turmoils of growing up and having responsibilities, I haven’t been there in a number of years. I would love to go back and reminisce over the fond memories and to photograph these same towns with my every growing knowledge of photography I have now.