I’ve been looking through some old hard drives and have found an archive of images before I studied photography at A-level, it crazy to see how far I have come and would love to share to show the differences that it can make, so this will be first of many posts from the past. These were taken in August of 2016.

Ironbridge is a popular tourist site in Shropshire as it has coined the name of the ‘birthplace of the industrial revolution’ and is home to the iconic Iron bridge, hence the name of the village.

It was also home to the Ironbridge coal power station which was a well known structure throughout Shropshire, it stopped producing power in 2015 and unfortunately was demolished in 2019. It was on my list of places to visit when I discovered urban exploration but sadly I never made it, however my friend Chris did manage to explore it, so if you are curious on what it looked like from the inside check out his blog!