Gloucester Cathedral was originally called he Cathedral Church of St Peter and the Holy and Indivisible Trinity, “the cathedral originated in the abbey of 681, the present building was dedicated in 1100“. This building is incredible beautiful with delicate Oolitic limestone stonework all done by hand and the central tower stands at 225 feet which can be seen across the city centre. I feel very lucky to have this beautiful and historic structure right on my doorstep. This impressive building has also seen the big screen with cameos in the Harry Potter franchise, as well as Dr Who and Sherlock.

I wouldn’t consider myself religious in the slightest but I respect peoples beliefs and I understand how calming being in a building full of faith can be as during my visit I felt very relaxed and in awe of the artwork of the stained glass windows and the carvings of the delicate ceiling.

If you are ever in the area this has to be the top of the list to visit. Usually the cathedral has events and services to fund the running and upkeep as they don’t receive any government funding but due to covid these have had to be put on hold. If you want more information please visit their website.