Disclaimer: Please note when I explore these places I am very careful, and I make sure that I do not damage any property or myself. Please respect these places as they can be dangerous and so that others can enjoy them.

I came across this one on one of my hometowns local facebook groups and was shocked that I wasn’t aware that it closed a few years ago, when I was just getting started into urban exploration, it crazy as my family home is only a few minutes walk from the site! I remember walking past it on my way to school and according to my dad, my late grandmother used to work as a carer here.

I couldn’t find much history on this place but, it seems that in 2016/2017 the local council sold all of the care homes that they owned to a private company so the residents were moved to a home in Sundorn when the home closed. Planning permission has been approved to build houses on the land.

I teamed up with Shrewsburyfromwhereyouarenot on my very first night explore, due to this I don’t have any exterior shots as the home is in a large residential area and I didn’t want to draw any unnecessary attention to ourselves. However, once I do have some exterior shots I will update the post.

The explore was so exciting as the fear of getting caught seemed to be greater at night. It also felt like we were going round in circles due to the layout of the square building. Unfortunately, most of the rooms had been cleared out and a lot of the rooms looked the same with varying hideous wallpaper. Although, I was surprised to see some of the bathing equipment left as I know they can be very expensive. As I suspected, there was little to none of the residents personal belongings left, but I was sad to see that they had left behind someones wedding photos.

Overall, this was a great explore and I’m glad that I had a chance to explore it before it gets demolished. I would like to thank Chris for letting me tag along, and hopefully this wont be the last of our adventures together.