Disclaimer: Please note when I explore these places I am very careful, and I make sure that I do not damage any property or myself. Please respect these places as they can be dangerous and so that others can enjoy them.

Whilst on a walk with my partner, we stumbled across this hidden gem. The house was build in the late Georgian era, but has been empty for years until it was put up for auction in 2019 and ultimately sold for £480,000 for 22 acres of land including the buildings.. Although the house had been emptied and looked as if it was starting to be renovated but not much has been done to the house from what I saw. The property consists of the main house, a coach house and a small shed. It has proven difficult to find out any history on this beautiful building, I’d assume that due to it being tucked away in the Gloucester countryside.

We saw letters addressed to a Mr and Mrs Palmer, which I could only imagine to be the previous owners. It looks like all of the personal possessions have been removed from the property apart from some old post from 2016.