Please see my previous post for details about this series.

F is for Fire

Disclaimer: Fire is not a toy and precautions should be taken when using it for photography, I made sure I was in a ventilated area and removed anything flammable from where I was shooting. I made sure that my hair and clothing was always out of the way of the flame as well as having water handy just incase anything caught alight. If you are under 18 please seek adult supervision before attempting anything like this.

I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do for this shoot, I just knew I wanted to use fire to create some cool effects. I’ve always admired the images that use flares but I didn’t have anywhere to safely execute this idea so, I settled for a lighter.

I played around with the shutter speed to get the fireball effect and moved the lighter around to get different shapes, I then used photoshop to merge several photos together. I think this one may be my favourite so far, i had so much fun playing with the shutter speed to get the right effect and learnt that my thumbs aren’t so strong.