I thought that this would be a challenge for me as due to lockdown i’m unable to do the shoots I really want to do. I’ve never done anything like this before and I’ve never been a big fan of portraiture but I saw this challenge on Tik Tok of all places and I thought i’d try it out. Go follow Jess Terry her videos are the ones who inspired me to start this challenge.

If you’re unsure what this entails then let me explain, for every letter of the alphabet you think of a concept for a self portrait.

A is for Apple

For the first letter I thought I would start off easy and the first word that came to mind was apple. My original Idea was to do a Snow White inspired shoot, but then I realised that I look nothing like the princess and I have nothing in my wardrobe that resembles anything like her dress. So I just posed with an apple, not quite sure how I feel about the images just yet.

I struggled a little as it was a gloomy day so i had to increase the iso a bit higher than I wanted too. But going forward I think I will choose a different background. I used my wardrobes as I thought that as they’re white  it would be easy to edit out the lines, and right opposite the window so I would have the natural light to work with, but I was wrong. You live and you learn and I think this challenge will be a big learning curve.