Disclaimer: Please note when I explore these places I am very careful, and I make sure that I do not damage any property or myself. Please respect these places as they can be dangerous and so that others can enjoy them.

Originally built in 1865 this Mill was used to make flour right up until it closed in 2006, at the time it was the largest and most modern mill, producing 25 sacks of flour an hour. Unfortunately now the building is just rotting, there is a warehouse towards the bottom of the property, and when I was doing research on this there were more buildings, but they have since been removed.  There are plans to renovate the main building to spaces that can be utilised by the locals.

I really enjoyed this explore as it has been a while since i’ve been a place like this. It was relatively easy to get into, to my surprise, I was in awe walking around seeing things just left to rot. Especially the old Nokia monitor and the phone manual really showed the age of the building.