Amid the growing Coronavirus, I thought that it would be nice to spread a little happiness in all of this uncertainty, so please enjoy my account of camping with my family.


When on a family holiday a few years ago, we visited Shell Island and explored the harbour and the beach. The harbour was full of interesting boats and forgotten vessels. I’ve always loved the beach, the calming sound of crashing waves and the smell of salt from the sea always manage to give me a sense of serenity. Shell Island has been a yearly family camping trip during the summer holidays for as long as I can remember, however in recent years we’ve gone elsewhere and as me and my brothers have grown up we haven’t had time to go as a family in a really long time.

It was quite nostalgic walking through the streets of Barmouth seeing that nothing had really changed and it is still that quirky little seaside town that I know and love. Barmouth, if you didn’t know is a small town on the coast of Wales, and is pretty much the go to beach for people from Shropshire, other than Aberystwyth of course! I do urge anyone who would like to take a trip to go, there are tons of walks and waterfalls to visit as well as the main town itself. I really do love it there and is one of those monumental places that will stick with me, its one of my happy places.

So it was really nice to see how things had developed and to take my nephew to somewhere I remember having so much fun and somewhere with everlasting memories of joy. To see that we can pass this tradition down and let it live on. Seeing my nephew playing in the same sand I did when I was younger. Hopefully, I can also share this with my future children.