Disclaimer: Please note when I explore these places I am very careful, and I make sure that I do not damage any property or myself. Please respect these places as they can be dangerous and so that others can enjoy them.

When looking through my hard drive to see if I had anything that i hadn’t posted, I realised that I had over 500 photos from that day and I only shared a fraction of them.

I would love to go back to see how much it has changed in two years, I have heard various rumours that most of the building will be torn down to make flats, which is such a shame if that is true as the architecture of these buildings is so beautiful. according to an article from North Wales Live ‘Ruthin based Jones Bros, in partnership with the North Wales Building Preservation Trust (NWBPT), were chosen to take ownership of the old Victorian asylum last year.” However, this was from October 2019 and no further actions have been taken place as of yet.

I will be a shame to see this one get teared down, I remember really enjoying exploring the buildings, even if it  was a little creepy at times. It really fuelled my passion for exploring these types of places! I wish I could do more but there just isn’t enough days in the week or time in the day.

I have a long list of places to visit after lockdown has been fully lifted, but for now please enjoy these from when I visited Denbigh in 2017.