Happy New Year!

I started the new year on top of Cleeve Hill in Gloucestershire with my boyfriend watching the fireworks over Cheltenham. It was a truly beautiful experience. While we where up there, we were experimenting with different settings to see which worked better, we ended up deciding on a low shutter speed such as 20 seconds. We forgot to take the tripod with us so we were using a bench to try to keep the camera still. To our disadvantage it was extremely windy and the bench wasn’t the best to balance a camera on, despite this we ended up with some pretty cool shots. This makes me want to experiment with light more as I don’t have much experience with shooting in the dark and I’ve seen some photographers, such as Brandon Woelfel (Instagram: @brandonwoelfel), who really know how to manipulate the light and I have always admired their work. Therefore, this year I really want to push myself with my photography and go out of my comfort zone, unfortunately I haven’t been doing much as I have been studying for my A-levels but once they are over I really want to explore photography more!