Panshanger park is owned by the company Tarmac, who are renovating the park back to health as it has been neglected for years by quarrying it’s resources.

The Wildlife Trust website has more information on the history of the park and the location if you wish to visit. They say that it was “owned by the¬†Cowper family from the late 17th century to the early 20th century”.

The Tarmac website states; “Panshanger Park in Hertfordshire, is a 400 hectare Historic Park and Garden, registered at Grade II* by English Heritage.”

When I went on a personal tour of the park as my uncle is one of the managers of the park, I witnessed the sheer beauty of the wildlife there. There was an old Greek orangery which was just stunning with the over hang of greenery and the artwork carved in the stone walls.

One of the biggest attractions is the Great Oak Tree in the middle of the park. The tree is truly outstanding and is expected to be around 500 years old!