Disclaimer: Please note when I explore these places I am very careful, and I make sure that I do not damage any property or myself. Please respect these places as they can be dangerous and so that others can enjoy them.

I came across this gem when doing my research for this project on Chris Schurke’s Blog; shrewsburyfromwhereyouarenot.

As I am from Shropshire, I decided to try and find this place as it seems pretty interesting with all of the belongings just left behind. I messaged Chris to see if he would give me a rough idea of the location, and with that I set off to find this little cottage.

The cottage was surprisingly easy to find and to get onto the property, however I did notice a couple of things that were different; most of the belongings from the front garden were missing along with all of the paraphernalia inside the actual cottage. When I spoke to Chris, he mentioned that the house had been put up for auction and it was clear that the building was in process of being renovated. Although, most of the stuff had gone there was still some things left in the back garden.

I went to the cottage only a week after Chris did, so it is crazy to think how things can be discovered and change within a short space of time.